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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

last 2 weeks, i met ann ann! xD. while she was playin bowling wif her fren, she saw me! o.0
and we keep on sms and din talk. LoL. below d pic while we smsin... she was so cute! xD

at nite, we play snooker.. lol.. jokers around.. =.=
wasting time there.. all can't masuk that ball.. ppl wan close d =.=

Boring.. =/

it got me home
5:54 AM

Friday, October 31, 2008

last week, i went to barcelona wif frens celebrating connie birthday! below d pic was her. =)lol.. my cousin dancing there.. we down there looking at him =.=

my random pics =)

while we shake =)

this guy hor, so fast get one hug here and there and kiss =.=

so hot.. =/
then i go back to our table there and drink.. keep drink..lol so thirsty.. then my fren ask me come la dance! o.0? then i dance.. poping + electric boogie , then all looking at me and around me lols.. then that girl come and touch me and dance wif me. lol. everybody shout "Woooo!~" wtf? all looking at us...
this pic was when we yamcha lo. after barcelona. i was so drunk. still wana take pic xD
i drink like plain water.. no wonder i vomit 4 times =.=
that nite i sleep at fren house.. till next day we went back to academy late. =(

Happy Birthday Connie!

it got me home
8:57 AM

Friday, October 17, 2008

haih..nth much to blog these days.. boring lifes..and i miss my hair..=.= y he cut so short? ....
ytd first time went to euphoria.. the place is alot larger than barcelona..hmm.. quite high class abit..more secure...too much frens go not good.. xD

our schwarzkopf day =0 100 diff types of sweets! its not easy to get.. =(
yam cha after clubbin~

the most crowded and darkest place always was the club. =)

it got me home
9:08 AM

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

omg soooo long din blog...so bz these months.. hahas...what to say? hmm lazy to write le... having some sports to relax....my projects for C&G....modeling....hair show at pwtc on 16th....charity cut for 2moro =) and alot more...lazy write d le... here da pics... take a look if u guys wan.. =/ hmm today our academy sudden no lights... but got eletricity.. lol... pics below... no mood to write also .. sry guys.. tata.. =

i hate cheaters


it got me home
5:44 AM


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